Women's Treatment Center


(804) 767-6600
2825 Rady St
Richmond, VA 23222

Program Overview
The Women’s Treatment Community (WTC) is a residential treatment program that can serve 40 single women. We employ a modified therapeutic community model. Our approach is holistic in design, offering a female specific curriculum that aims to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of women from all walks of life. Our goal is to enlighten, encourage, empower, and support women as they work toward living purposeful and fulfilling lives without the use of addictive substances and engaging in self-destructive behavior patterns.

WTC offers:
* 30 -180 day Residential treatment
* Individual counseling sessions
* Group therapy
* Cognitive Behavior Approach
* Orientation/stabilization phase
* Self-discovery phase
* Re-entry phase includes seeking employment & housing

Core groups that focus on women specific needs include:
* Sexuality & Gender Issues
* Relationships
* Domestic Violence & Trauma
* Parenting Skills
* Co-Occurring Disorders
* Chemical Dependency Education
* Relapse Prevention
* Re-entry Skills
* Conflict Resolution
* Anger Management
* Communication Skill Building
* Critical Thinking
* Leadership Skills
* Wellness/Risk Reduction
* Health & Nutrition
* Spirituality
* Acupuncture (Relaxation Techniques)

Overview of Services
* Interdisciplinary Treatment Team
* Individualized Treatment Planning
* Co-occurring Disorder Issues
* Psychological Evaluations as needed
* Medical Services
* Medication Assisted Therapy
* Medication Education
* PICC Line Services provided for clients requiring long term antibiotic therapy.

Collaborative partnerships with community based organizations that provide:
* Vocational Education
* Women’s Health Services
* HIV/AIDS Education and Counseling
* Domestic Violence Education
* 12-step Support Groups:
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
* GED Classes
* Exercise Program
* Horticulture (Gardening)
* Religious Services
* Housing Referrals
* Employment Opportunities
* Services for Ex-Offenders
* SMART Recovery

Sister Time
In the spirit of traditional women, Sister Time provides an opportunity for women to develop meaningful and caring relationships over a cup of tea. The group is facilitated by staff which allows women to share their individual skills, talents and creativity in an affirming setting.

Resident Recognition
A leadership program designed to motivate residents to exercise self-awareness, team spirit and community building while accomplishing treatment goals.
Residents receive the following accolades:
* Ribbons
* Sister of the Week Recognition
* Certificate of Achievement
* Rewards


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