Detox Unit


 1700 Front Street
Richmond, VA 23222
(804) 767-6581

The Detoxification Program at Rubicon is a 24 hour, 12-bed unit which provides voluntary social, and medical detoxification services to individuals experiencing chronic or sub-acute intoxication and /or addiction.  The course of the detox regimen typically ranges from three to seven days.

During this time, clients receive alleviation of symptoms of physical and psychological withdrawal in a supportive, comfortable and safe environment.

Those who choose to participate in Rubicon's Detoxification Program are given a bed in a gender exclusive wing. The provision of the Medical Detoxification Services is accomplished by a medically trained staff (licensed practical nurses) under the direction of a Nurse Manager/ registered nurse. A physician medically directs the detoxification process and is available for medical consultation and emergencies when not on site. All medications required for detoxification or stabilization of other medical problems are administered by the medical staff in accordance with the established withdrawal protocols for alcohol and other drugs.

Proper diet and nutritional supplements are basic to the withdrawal process so clients are given nutritional snacks, meals, and fluids. Rubicon's clients are taught Relapse Prevention and Coping Skills Education. While undergoing Medical Detoxification, participants are seen and individually assessed for readiness for treatment beyond detoxification services by the Detox staff.

The Detoxification Program resides in our most recently constructed rehabilitation facility located on Rubicon’s North Campus.


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