Rubicon's HOPE


Rubicon's Holistic Opportunity for Promise & Empowerment

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Rubicon's H.O.P.E. is a 28-day residential program. We offer integrated treatment for clients with co-occurring (Dual Diagnosis) substance use and mental health disorders.  This program includes:

* Psychiatric services—initial evaluation followed by weekly/PRN review

* Daily nursing services and psychopharmacology, as needed

* Medication management and administration

* Symptom / behavior management

* Individual and group therapeutic interventions

* Motivational enhancement and contingency management techniques

* Family and friends education and support

* Mental and substance use disorders education

* Case management / Treatment coordination / Discharge planning

Eligible clients are 18 years of age or older, with a diagnosed serious mental illness and a diagnosed substance use disorder. Clients must be able to participate in a
structured therapeutic environment and able to provide at least one week of their prescribed psychotropic medications, with a plan for obtainment of psychotropic medications for the duration of the program.